My Process - How We Work Together

Your company is unique, just like every project we undertake. But despite this uniqueness, there is a constant companion: a well-thought-out process. Why? Because a clear structure and proven routines lead us straight to the goal.

No-Code and Low-Code tools are real game-changers, but their success depends on many variables. With a clear three-phase plan, we leave stumbling blocks behind and focus entirely on what really matters. This way, we steer hand in hand, purposefully and directly towards success.


In the Discovery Workshop, it's all about getting to know your business thoroughly. Together, we dive deep into your goals. This is where new ideas flow, which we discuss and turn into an implementation plan.

I know this process might initially seem like a waste of time, especially if you already have a clear idea of what you want. But imagine this: Would you go to a doctor, diagnose yourself, and demand a complex treatment without any checks? The same applies to the digital transformation of your business. It's crucial that we take the time to ensure we take the right steps, without rushing and having to make costly corrections later.

If you're ready to take this thoughtful and careful approach, then I am definitely the right partner for you.


Now it's time to get down to business - the implementation. Here, I focus on executing the entire project from A to Z in close collaboration with you. It's important to me to empower you to use and extend the tool independently after our collaboration. Instead of tinkering in secret for months, I quickly provide you with a functioning base version and then build in additional features step by step.

Why this approach? Because a "Big Bang" - wanting to have everything at once and perfectly - rarely works in practice. Your team needs time to get used to the new tools and to become comfortable with them. The great thing is: your feedback flows directly into further development, making the final result even better.

Even in consultations, I use this dynamic, interactive approach. Instead of planning everything behind closed doors, I am in constant exchange with all involved. Sure, this requires time and commitment from your side. But believe me, this investment is worth it! A project that only receives attention every few months usually leads to frustration rather than progress.


Now we come to the operation, a crucial step in our collaborative endeavor. Here, I fully rely on continuous support and access to my expertise. This ensures that you receive the best possible quality without the need for me to handle everything alone.

The same applies to support: I work hand in hand with other freelancers. This way, we can ensure that someone is always available for you, even during vacation or sick leave. This means for you: first-class service without the usual agency costs. This lays the foundation for the smooth operation of your No-Code/Low-Code solution.

For ongoing development, I offer convenient flat-rate packages. These allow us to implement minor improvements quickly and without bureaucratic hassle. I act flexibly and proactively: if I see potential for improvement, I simply implement it. This creates a win-win situation without mistrust or exorbitant bills. Trust and clear communication are my top priorities.

My Core Principles - The Foundation of My Work

In collaboration with my clients, I place great value on transparency and authenticity. Here are the principles that guide my actions:

  • No Bullshit. I call things by their name. No jargon, no empty promises.
  • Loyal. Long-term client relationships are important to me. I stand by your side to achieve long-term goals together.
  • Design. For me, it has to not only work but also look good. Aesthetics are not an add-on, but an integral part of my work.
  • Effective. I work alone and cannot get lost in large project management processes. My focus is on direct, effective results.
  • At Eye Level. Hierarchies and titles don't matter to me. I work on equal footing with everyone. Mutual respect is a fundamental requirement.
  • Fairness. Injustices are a no-go for me. Fairness is my top priority, and I do not tolerate exploitation.

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Where to find me

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    but mostly Vienna (Austria).
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