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What's Included?

You are facing an important decision and want to accept an offer for a website, shop, or software development? Before you take the next step, let me take a look at it. With 25 years of experience in the IT industry, I review the content for you and point out possible pitfalls. This is not about legal aspects, but about ensuring that all technical and content details are considered. Confidentiality is a given, and upon request, the review can also be conducted under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

It's a Good Fit If

  • You are about to accept an offer for a website, shop, or software development and want to ensure it is fair.
  • You have concerns about whether all important aspects have been considered in an offer.
  • You want to avoid technical pitfalls and additional costs later on.

What Does It Cost?

For the detailed offer check, I charge 3% of the amount specified in the offer. For Time & Material (T&M) projects, this amount is based on the estimated total costs.

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Why Have an Offer Reviewed?

A careful review of your offer protects you from unexpected costs and technical pitfalls. With a thorough evaluation, you make smart decisions that benefit you in the long run. Learn more in my detailed guide.

Please Note

This is not a legal review - I am not a lawyer. The goal is to give you confidence that your agency's offer considers all important aspects.

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